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SGI Dubai Wall
of Fame

International Expo Consults (IEC) launched the first edition of 'Wall of Fame' at the SGI Dubai 2017 show. This wall showcased creative campaigns from across several exhibitors at the 20th and the 21st edition of the SGI Dubai show. SGI Dubai 2019 show will have a much bigger 'Wall of Fame' campaign and we would request the exhibitors to share their artwork with us by September 2018.

The idea is to generate awareness around the global campaigns that our exhibitors have created to make an impact on the minds on the consumers in their markets. It is important to know what has worked well for brands across the globe and our platform will help the industry to view and learn from this collection of masterpieces.

Artwork submission and other specifications:

The size of the canvas should be 4ft by 3ft and should be the best creative. A brief explanation of the work needs to be mentioned at the bottom of the artwork. The wooden/metal panel (not weighing more than 8 kilograms) should have a provision at the back of the frame to hang the artwork on the 'Wall of Fame'. The artwork shouldn't have a glass frame as there is a tendency that it might break in transit.

The winners of the 'Wall of Fame' will be chosen by an independent panel of judges, SGI's social media platforms and trade visitors at the show. Exhibitors can showcase their best campaign, artwork that was developed in 2018 from January to December 2018, this could be anything to do within the printing, signage and digital signage industry. SGI participants can also send in the image of the art work by September 1st via email so that we can promote the same on our social media platform and we will help you install the final creative on the wall during the previous night of the show. The final creative would have to be submitted to IEC at the organiser's office on January 20th.