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Visitor Testimonials

Jerome, Phillipines, Vine and branches

I am from Phillipines, I have come here to look for printers as we are into textile printing. I am very happy because I have met some good suppliers in this show who we might do business with.
Mohamed Al Meflah, Saudi Arabia, CFO, Shadows

I am from Saudi Arabia. We have come to look at the new machines and technology in signage. We had a great experience here in the show. We found what we were looking for and this show always opens new opportunities for us.
Andy Clark, UK, CEO , Bright Green Technology Limited

I am from the UK. We have a business here in Dubai. We are here to look at the new innovations. I met some Chinese companies and saw some really great machines that I have never seen before.
Zaid, Iraq, AQC

I came here to meet some contacts as I am the distributor for Epson in Iraq. I have companies for producing and selling raw materials. Mimaki has come up with some great products for flat printing. My visit this time went well.
Mohammed Alshehri, Saudi Arabia ,King Abdul Air Defense Academy

I came here for printing and engraving machines. I have met some really good people and might even do business with a couple of them.
ElieRizk, Lebanon,Production Manager, Blink

I have come here specifically to see printing machines, solvent, router and sample maker
Abbas Tehrani, Iran,Commercial Manager, LED Lighting Industries TalmanTafe

It is my first time in this exhibition and it looks great. I have come across many distributors, manufacturers and traders in this fair. I came to purchase a UV printing machine. I have visited a couple of booths now and came across machines I really liked. The best part about this show is that you find things that you may need but were not looking for.
RavindranManikandan, India, Director, Sales & Business Development,ABC Imaging

I am from India. We are looking for LED models. We gathered some information for our market research. I have been visiting from the past 10 years and will definitely come back again.
Didier Olzier, France,Sales Manager , Senfa

We are into textile for materials and boxes. This market is extremely important to us as we are distributors.
FarookNawab, Pakistan

I am from Pakistan. I came here to see UV printers. I have only seen half of the exhibition and I have already come across a lot of great products. We would come back if we have any requirements.
NqobileMagwizi, Zimbabwe

I am from Zimbabwe. I am looking for architectural signage and I have found a few companies that have exactly what I need. I might be ordering from some of the companies once I have the final quotes.
Winston, Phillipines

I am from Philippines. I came to look for tarpaulin machine. It is my first time here and I would definitely come back here again.
Pyotr, Poland

We produce glass fiber flag polls. We came to look for distributors here.
Adan, Nigeria

I am from Nigeria, we are into printing and selling of materials. We came to explore and see how we can expand our business. We found a lot of contacts here and will definitely be making some purchases from the suppliers. It is my second time here in this exhibition and it is always a pleasure to meet people from different parts of the world and learn about the new trends of printing and signage.