Outdoor 3D screens:

A display system for gigantic 3D billboards, massive screens, and outdoor digital signage is an intelligent step forward for the industry.

Holographic display:

The future of display technology is in constant state of evolution and is one of the fastest-growing technology. Today we're anticipating an era of haptic touchscreens and retinal displays.

Haptic touchscreens:

Organizations are currently working in the field of haptic touchscreens, which provide tactile feedback to your finger as you scroll over items onscreen. Touchscreens are ready to talk, are you ready with your innovation.

Bendy displays:

A unique advantage of OLEDs is the technology's flexibility. These displays can improve not only image quality, but also the size and durability of the screen. Major manufacturers are continuing their research to develop flexible displays for smartphones, tablets, monitors, and massive TVs.

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