The actual convergence of the physical and digital world is now happening. The future of the industry is right here right now at SGI Dubai 2020. For the printing and signage industry the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI is more than just a buzzword. Many major manufacturers have implemented the use of automation to make printing processes simpler and smarter. An area which will have major applications for AI include digital signage. Customer engagement is what establishments are searching for when they decide to implement digital signage. With AI, retailers will be able to target the consumers with a personalized interaction specially tailored to their needs.
AI is definitely poised to drive the next wave of digital disruption as it transcends from the drawing boards to reality. Print industry leaders have already started to evaluate the power of AI and are evaluating their current offerings. SGI Dubai 2020 is the ideal platform for players that are taking the lead in this space to showcase their offerings to a wider MENA audience.

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