Exhibitor Testimonial 2016

Vijay Pandit,(Service Manager), AGFA

AGFA showcased at SGI Dubai a new product called 'Jeti Mira' printer, a worldwide launch, made in Canada. AGFA has been exhibiting at SGI for more than 10 years. SGI is a true symbol of sign and graphics, and every year customers look for new technology and it's the best place to showcase products. Lastly, SGI brings all the exhibitors from different nationalities under one roof.

Rone Auret,(Planning Division), Brother

Brother has showcased a new GT 3 series printer at the show, and has been exhibiting in SGI since the last 5 years. SGI is a perfect platform for showcasing our unique products. Lastly, we wish SGI Dubai team a good year ahead.

Pranav Gupta, Color Jet

Color Jet showcased a new printer for the first time using 2 different colors at the same time. Color Jet has been associated with SGI for long time, and SGI is the best platform in the GCC.

Mukhles Odeh, (Managing Director), Verseidag

Prime Dia-Verseidag showcased a new poly material for signage and graphics. Prime Dia-Verseidag has been exhibiting at SGI Dubai since the inception of SGI, and SGI is the best platform for showcasing our products and the show also helped in growth of the company's revenue. Lastly, SGI is a complete show and we are happy for the excellent service provided and wish well for the organizers.

M. Karthik, (Sales Manager), Emirates Computer

At SGI, Roland showcased 2 new products, a solvent and eco-solvent signage machine. SGI Dubai is on top of our marketing plan and we have been with SGI since the beginning. SGI Dubai is the biggest event in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for signage and graphic industry. Lastly wishing SGI a great year ahead as we hope to see an increase in our revenue in each passing year.

Shihab Ahmed Zubai,(Senior Business Development Manager), LPFLEX

LPFLEX is showcased latest LED signage and products for this year at SGI. We have been exhibiting at SGI for 8 years because SGI is a fantastic place to showcase our product. Lastly we wish SGI the very best of luck.

Pankaj Kalra, (Marketing Manager), XEROX

Xerox has showcased 3 latest products, namely Xerox press 800i/1000i which supports in holding, separate coloring and formatting; IG printer which helps in high production volume; and lastly a segment printer. For Xerox it is the first time exhibiting at SGI and we think it's a good platform to start marketing in the beginning of the year as well to reach out the right target audience.

George Tadros, (Managing Partner), Zabeel Advertising

Zabeel is an advertising company, and we have newly opened our digital printing division. Zabeel is also in building wrap, brochures, flyers and digital printing. This is our 2nd year at SGI and it is the place where we can market our product and company. We thank SGI for hosting such an event.

Varghese Mathew, (Deputy General Manager), Graphic

Graphic showcased UV printer, eco solvent,laminators and other finished products and the main highlight in this event is our UV printers. We have been exhibiting at SGI since the beginning, because SGI is the only show in Middle East to cater and showcase the products to the complete Middle East and Africa region.

John Jiang, (Account Manager), Soyang

At SGI we are mainly showcasing LED products, and we have been exhibiting at SGI for the last 4 years. Dubai is an international city and economically strong and also helps in connecting the African and European region. Lastly SGI has helped us in connecting with many customers in this region and rest of the world.

CL Lee, (Sales Manager), Interone

Interone is into selling LED modules basically, this is our 7th year exhibiting at SGI and it's a great place to find more customers. We are a South Korean company and we wish to be seen in SGI next year as well.

Ashish Panjabi, (Chief Operating Officer), Jackys

Jacky's is showcased wide varieties of premium printers and we are also working along with HP in educating the customers. We have been involved directly or indirectly with SGI since the last 15 years and SGI is the only place where we can get all the brands and customers under one roof. Jacky's wishes SGI to replicate its success as we have seen it evolve. It was a different show past 15 years ago and in the next 15 years it will transform itself into a greater platform.

Juergen Hagedorn, (Managing Director),The Magic Touch

We are working alongside with OKI, and featuring new OKI neon coloring printer. The Magic Touch is associated with SGI right from the beginning. I believe SGI is the leading show and we get exposed to a large audience from Middle East, Africa and Europe. In the coming years we would also find Australia and New Zealand participating too.

Gurveen Toor,(Marketing Manager), JMS Sadaf

JMS Sadaf showcased latest LED patterns, this is the 2nd year of exhibiting and the first year of collaboration with Sadaf designs. SGI is a great platform to showcase new products and we hope to bring more products and services next year as well.

Authony Mccullaugh, (Manufacturer), PhotoCast

Photocast has showcased an engraving on special materials for wide range of customers such as hotels, trophies, memorials and historical statues. This is the first year at SGI, and we are technically UK manufacturers and now we believe it is time to move further for perfect opportunity in Middle East. Lastly, we have attended most of the European exhibitions, and we find SGI being the busiest of all.

April Lee, (Sales Manager), Zhejiang Ganglong New Mat.

GLP provides services for digital printing industry, and we have been showcasing our services at SGI since 10 years. SGI has provided us with a big market and over the years our customers grew. Lastly, we are happy to be here and definitely looking forward to visiting SGI Dubai next year too.

Adli Ali Al Naamneh, (Product Manager), Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta has showcased latest products such as Bizhub press, printers and solutions. We have been exhibiting at SGI for a long time. SGI provides opportunity to get more customers from different regions such as, Pakistan, India, Europe, China and Africa.

Nitinraj Sancheti, (Manager), Strings.

At SGI, we showcased our latest services in car wrapping and protective covers; generally it protects the car from the UV rays and prevents damage to the paint. We have been exhibiting in SGI for past 6 years and it is a good place for exposure in African and Chinese market.

GireeshRaghavan, (Managing Director), Sabazu.

Sabazu has showcased for the first time in SGI a 3D Printer alongside a UV printer which will benefit many industries such as medical and construction. We have been exhibiting at SGI since 2008 and this is our first launch of UV printer and SGI is the best platform to start from.

Elias G. Bekhaazi, Giffin Graphics.

We have a whole range of UV printers, all high end UV technological products and UV coloring. We started exhibiting right from the beginning of SGI and it's the only perfect platform in Middle East to showcase our product.

Sunil Purushothaman, (Sales Director), Masonlite

Masonlite has been at SGI Dubai since the inception, and we are mainly focusing on digital products. We decided to bring some different things this year, like acrylic product and fabrication. We have been with SGI since 19 years and we have grown with them, SGI is the only platform for promoting our product. We are focusing towards Expo 2020 and hoping to contribute more to the market.

Abdallah Aoude, (Regional Manager), HP

This year we showcased our latex family, ranging from high end to low end and many other latest technologies. We are with SGI since the start and personally for me it's the 9th edition. SGI is the best platform in Middle East for coverage of our products.

Mahdi Berrada Baby, Saga Digital

We showcased latest hybrid products, and we have been with SGI since 17 years because it is definitely the biggest exhibition in Middle East and Africa giving us complete exposure.

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